The Holidays :)

The holidays are almost here! I’m so excited! I have a great idea of how I want my blog to be organized. :) I will add a new background and header. It’ll be so cool! I love decorating my blog for the holidays. There are also new shows coming up. Like this Tuesday, there will be a show called The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. I always watch that show every year!

My cousins will be coming over. I’m hyped!

– A.R. Joyce


Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Hey guys!

Guess what day it is today, LOL? Yep – it’s Thanksgiving! :) This means no school. This year, we won’t be doing anything special for Thanksgiving. I don’t have much homework. I thought high school students would have tonsĀ of homework, but I guess not.

I really wanted to decorate my blog for Thanksgiving. I decorated it for Halloween. I will definitely decorate my blog for the holidays. Especially, Christmas! I’ll be having a poll soon about what I should do with my blog for the holidays.

Eat your turkeys, guys! ;)

– A.R. Joyce

Cutting Class?

All of my friends tell me to cut class, but I just can’t. It’s a little too risky. :( And, it just isn’t worth it. I mean, where will I go? The high school that I attend is surrounded by houses. The nearest store is maybe 1/4 mile away. (Haha, I feel like one of those old townspeople.) Anyways, where was I? Oh, right – I don’t think I’ll be cutting class any time soon!

What else about my amazingly boring life? ;) Tests, reports – you don’t need to know that. Thanksgiving is in two days! Who’s excited? I have to admit that I’m really not … hmm.

Ooh, I also changed my theme. Isn’t it so colorful and pretty now? Just my style!

Bye! <3

– A.R. Joyce

Good Old Blog!

Ughh … I can’t believe that I keep abandoning my blog – not cool! Anyways, I just have to say that I have been extremely, extremely busy. :)

To start off, Build-A-Bearville isn’t working for me. I know, I suck! I still owe people their prizes!! I tried to go on it, but it kept loading. After ten minutes, I had to shut the computer off. I will try to get the Halloween winners their prizes, after BABV is fixed!

Thanksgiving is in two days, and that means – no school! :)

– A.R. Joyce

Halloween Winners!

Halloween is over, I understand, but I still haven’t given out my prizes. I, sure, had a lot of winners. :)

  • LexiZoom128
  • KayleighRose8
  • SophiaSappphire48
  • AprilAllHeart647
  • MelissaMusicBear8
  • SummerSparkle255

Congratulations! I will be sending in the Bear Bills, soon. You will have recieved your prizes by November 20, 2010. Thanks for entering! :)

– A.R. Joyce



I am sure back! I’m so sorry! I was really busy … I had school and everything. High school is sure tough! I even get pop quizzes. Luckily, I pass. (: Anyways, I don’t think you’ll be hearing much from me anymore. I’m seriously very busy! I can’t even describe it.

– A.R. Joyce

9,000 Hits

Yay! We got 9,000 hits! This is gonna be a short post, because what am I gonna say about 9,000 hits? I know, I know. I broke my posting limit until October 31st. This doesn’t count as a post, does it? I mean, it’s going to be like 7 sentences! Anyways, I had free time today. I love you guys! <3

Oh, and only one person – Kay – entered my contest! :( C’mon, people! Just make up anything about Halloween, and win 1,000 Bear Bills!! I changed it to 750 Bear Bills, now.

Happy Really, Extremely Early Halloween!